The technology offered today allows dentists to provide treatments that are less painful, quicker and most importantly with improved durability and effectiveness. We want our patients to be as comfortable as possible while receiving the high quality services they deserve, and are able to achieve this with the help of the dental technology used in our office.

Digital X-rays
Digital x-rays, also known as digital imaging allows us to take images of your teeth using 90% less radiation than regular dental x-rays. The digital images can be immediately sent to and displayed on a computer screen. You and Dr. Romas can view the images on the chairside computer screen so you can now see what Dr. Romas is explaining to you. If Dr. Romas is monitoring a dental issue the computer can compare digital images, subtract out anything that is the same, leaving a clear image of any changes. This allows us to see changes that are not noticeable to the naked eye, and allows us to make educated treatment plans.

Intraoral Camera
The intraoral camera is another tool that assists us with in-depth examinations of your teeth and mouth. The intraoral camera is a small pen-like instrument that takes photos of your teeth. The images can be displayed on the chairside computer monitor so Dr. Romas can show you exactly what he is seeing. Because the images are enlarged it also lets Dr. Romas see issues such as cracks in the teeth, or breaks or cracks in fillings that may not be visible to the naked eye. This allows Dr. Romas to diagnosis and treat dental problems when they are small, before they have a chance to cause significant damage.

Digital Photography
Dr. Romas uses advanced digital photography when working up a smile design case and when communicating with dental laboratories to give you the best looking smile possible.

Chairside Computers
Our treatment rooms are equipped with computers so we can easily review and share patient records, x-ray and intraoral camera images, and exam results between the staff and Dr. Romas. While you are in the treatment room chair we can share your x-rays with you so you can see what we are seeing and make informed decisions about your oral care.

LED Handpieces
The handpieces used in our office are extremely light, powerful, yet extremely quiet. They are equipped with LED lights so the surface Dr. Romas is working is well illuminated. This allows the doctor to clearly see the area he is working on for more precise treatment.

Edge Endo Rotary File System
Not long ago root canals were done with reamers and hand filers. The process was long, multi-stepped and in some cases painful. With the new rotary file system, root canals can be done much more efficiently. The use of the rotary file system gives Dr. Romas more control allowing him to perform extremely precise treatment. For the patient this means a root canal that takes less time, is more comfortable and more precise.

Satelec Scaler
We use Satelec Ultrasonic technology for comfortable and thorough cleaning. The ultrasonic uses high frequency vibration which course through the hand held unit and causes the tiny tip to vibrate rapidly. With it’s vigorous, repetitive motion, the tip is easily able to break up hardened deposits on the tooth and root surface without damaging it. The ultrasonic scaler can rapidly remove tough stains, and tartar, meaning less time for the patient in the chair and less fatigue for the clinician.

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. An AED is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses and treats life threatening cardiac arrhythmias. AED’s are often seen in mall and airports. And while the AED is a fairly expensive, seldom (never to this point) used device, Dr. Romas feels it is important to have one just in case an emergency should arise.

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